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3 Tips For WRs To STAND OUT On Their Highlights

The first thing college coaches will be looking for on film is if you can create separation and are you fluid with your breaks. If you cannot create separation with either your speed, route running or physicality… a college coach won’t look at you. You do not have to be the biggest guy on the field or even the fastest to play at the next level. But you have to be able to get open. If you can’t get open, then you can’t play. Where you lack in size/speed you need to make up for it by eliminating wasted time off the line, wasted time at the top of the route and mental errors that come with route running. This can all be showcased on film! You just need to make sure you are doing the right things to train this.

If you want a 4 week workout schedule with all of the on field drills you must do to be an elite route runner and an elite receiver checkout the link below! We give you specific drills with sets and reps designed to make you hit peak performance & we include a 30 minute video where we explain each drill and show full speed examples. Check it out here! ⬇️⬇️

The second thing you need to showcase on film is probably your speed. I know that I just got done telling you that if you aren’t the fastest on the field it is still possible, and it is but that doesn’t mean you can be just plain slow. Everyone at the next level is fast and big. So if you are under 6’0 you better have some kind of speed. If you are over 6’0 speed is only going to make you more appealing than other taller receivers schools are offering. Make sure speed training is something that you emphasize because that 100% matters at the next level

Last but not least on film you need to showcase your big play making ability. This could be running a great route, making a great catch or making a great play after the catch. But these are the first 5-10 plays you include on your tape. This will make you stand out to college coaches the most. They want to see the details and the speed like we discussed above, but if they are going to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in you, they want you to be a play maker.

WE ARE COMING TO LAS VEGAS & ARIZONA! If you are in/near the Las Vegas Nevada area we are coming down September 11th & 12th for a youth/high school QB/WR clinic! We will also be in Arizona October 2nd! The clinic will be 3 hours long and will emphasize WR/QB mechanics, speed and agility training and 40yd dash technique! Click the link below to register! ⬇️⬇️

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