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3 Tips To Be A Great QB

3 Tips To Be A Great QB

You need to have smarts. Having a high football IQ and having the ability to diagnose what defense you’re seeing and how to attack it is essential for anybody who plays QB or is new to the QB position. 

You need to have command of your team. Or better known as leadership. If you are confident in your own ability and show up everyday guys will begin to follow you. You don’t win over a team by talking at them, you win over a team by your work ethic. Show up everyday and outwork everybody. They will gain faith in you that you can do the job.

And lastly I think a physical trait QBs need to have is the ability to make all the throws. You do not want a limit on your game, if a QB can’t make certain throws because of lack of arm strength, the offense will be limited or they will find a replacement who can make them. If you want a manual as to the exact things you need to do mechanically, physically, footwork wise and overall at the QB position to get a stronger arm, click the link below for our arm strength manual ⬇️⬇️

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