3 Tips To Be A Great Route Runner

3 Tips for great route running are the following:

Push Vertical, being able to sell fade is the most important quality of any route. From a hitch all the way to a comeback there is a point where the route has to look the same. If you can always be explosive in your get off or at least your stem, you will have an easier time getting separation. 

The second key is creating energy at the top of the route. If you can use the violence of your hips or the suddenness of your cuts, that gives you energy. Now can you keep that energy? That’s where the next key comes into play.

Acceleration. If you create energy at the top of your route and sell vertical and then accelerate out of the break, You will be unguardable. If you can do everything right, the DB has no chance. DBs make plays off of bad WR technique. Run your arms, drive your legs and win the race back to the ball. 

If you want a full route running manual on all of the techniques that I teach from releases all the way to moves at the top of the route, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️


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