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3 Tips To Be An Unstoppable QB

3 Tips To Be An Unstoppable QB

If you can master these 3 things you will be unstoppable at the QB position. The first thing I would like to discuss is IQ. If you know how to read coverages and understand defenses, you will be very hard to beat. Knowing what the defense will do before they do it is a great tool to have. Understanding defenses can lead to easy offense. If you know where the holes are gonna be, you can structure your reads and progressions to beat that specific defense. If you need help on this DM me.

Second, I would like to talk about timing. Timing and accuracy come from knowing the defense so you need to do the first thing before you can do this. However timing can be worked on with your receivers over and over again. Structuring your drop, footwork, and progression to where you are always on time with your receivers and building chemistry with them is great for your success on the field. Routes vs Air and REALISTIC 1on1s and 7on7 is how you build this. If you can anticipate throwing windows, you will be very hard to beat.

Lastly, arm strength is essential to play college football and to be an unbeatable QB. If you can understand defenses, know timing, and be able to make all the throws on the field you are going to be very very hard to beat. Now everyone can always improve their arm strength. If you improve your leg strength and core strength, that’s what will improve your distance on the ball and your velocity on the ball. That is built in the gym! If you want a 4 week Arm Strength workout plan where you will develop your core strength, leg strength and explosiveness so it directly translates on the field, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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