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3 Tips To Be The Best QB

3 Tips To Be The Best QB

We are going to discuss there in reverse order. But these are the three most key tips or things you can work on as a QB. Mechanics I believe is the foundation for a successful QB. If you have great mechanics you will be a successful passer. Mechanics are everything and if you don’t have mechanics you will find it hard to make the awkward throws and the off platform throws.

Second, you need to have confidence. This is so important because without confidence you won’t have the guts to sling it and be the guy who all the pressure is on. QB is the most heavily scrutinized position in all of sports. Nobody knows how hard it is until they try it. So if you don’t have thick skin and some confidence you won’t be successful.

Lastly, you need to have a high football IQ. That is the most important thing of them all, if you don’t have this you can’t play QB at a high level. You can make all the throws but if you don’t know when to do certain things and no how to read coverages your game will go backwards. If you want to improve your reading coverages ability and increase your football IQ check out some of the advanced breakdowns I offer below!

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