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HAVE A PLAN. Make sure that you come up to the line with a release in mind, don’t come up to the line with like 80 different possibilities in your head of what releases to use. Come up to the line with a good idea of what you want to do and how you can react based off of what the DB does. Releases are about reacting and being sudden.

Dont be afraid to be physical. Cant be afraid of a good hand fight, attack the DBs points of control. And by points of control I mean his elbows, shoulder and forearms. Dont swat his hands. That does not control him and that does not allow you to remove his hands from your frame.

GOOD PAD LEVEL. If you’re going against a physical dude and you raise your pad level up immediately off the line you will be completely jammed. Your chest should stay down and don’t expose your number. If you are in this position and the DB ultimately gets hands on you, you won’t be completely knocked off your route. You can continue to fight.

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