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3 Tips To Get Faster

3 Ways You Can Get Faster Are The Following:

Resistance training. Running hills and running with bands or some kind of resistance like sand is great for your speed. Will make things a lot easier on the field, you can produce more power and explosion from resistance training.

Stretching. So many people neglect stretching. They are stiff and wonder why they can’t drive their legs or explode off the line. If you are loose at your hips and groin you will be able to have a longer stride, more knee drive, and better running form.

Weight Room. All of this stuff is great but how you can really create speed is through your lifts in the weight room. Doing all explosive movements, lifting correctly, doing the right amount of sets and reps etc.  If you want info on a 28 Day Speed Workout Plan that will help you get faster in a month, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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