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Below we are going to discuss 3 ways that you can earn a scholarship offer this off season. I hope this can help!


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1)- Have great film. You can't do anything without film, and I know you might think this is practical advice but seriously... if you want to play college football... you need to be a great football player. There is no secret recipe or secret DM you can send to a college coach that will make him love you. College coaches want explosive playmakers on their team. So if you don't have varsity film, your main goal should be getting varsity film.

2)- College camps. Now everyone thinks that "oh if I go to this camp and perform well, the school might offer me". That is very very far from the truth. The truth about college camps are that college coaches already have their guys picked out and who they want to look at. So if you are camper 173 out of 327.... it's going to be very hard to get noticed without insane 4.4 speed or great size. However, you can get the recruiting process started which leads to an offer with college camps. Go to a college camp to meet coaches and build relationships. I've seen kids go to college camps with business cards. You are there to network. Follow coaches on Twitter and DM them after to build an open line of communication. You guys do this with girls all the time trying to get their Snapchat, so why not use the same approach when it comes to something that really matters like your future. Because that college coach might get a job somewhere else, and they might need a receiver and you might be someone he contacts. You never know, but you need relationships to get recruited. And college coaches don't want spam emails from NCSA. They want to get to know you before investing thousands of dollars into you.

3)- Mid Season Highlights. A lot of people wait until the end of the year to make a highlight tape. DONT DO THAT. Especially if you are a Junior or Senior. College coaches get their recruiting done very early- so the sooner you have film the sooner you can get it in front of them during the season. This increases your chances of them noticing you. You have to be very disciplined and detailed when making the mid season tape. After every game make sure you mark down your best plays.

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