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3 Tips To Move Up The Depth Chart

1)- You need to focus on your own game and not the other players. So many guys are trying to compete with other players when they should be competing with themselves. On every single rep, you know as a player what you can do to be perfect. And that’s what you should strive for. If you’re worrying about the other guys who might be ahead of you, your head isn’t in the right place. If you’re focusing on them, you’re not focusing on how you can get better and succeed. Ignore the noise and focus on how you can put the team in the best possible position to win. 

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2)- Play special teams. If you play any position other than QB you need to play every special team. Kickoff, kick off return etc. Whenever they need a guy you should be the first one to step up. I say this because when coaches are deciding the depth chart for each week they obviously look at skill but they also look at reliability. Who can they rely on to know their plays and assignments. And usually, they choose guys who they trust with special teams.

 3)- If you are a QB or at any position for that matter, you should treat scout team like it’s your damn super bowl. For those of you who don’t know what scout team is, that is when you run the opposing teams offense or defense that you will be going up against that week. If you can give the defense or offense a good look on special teams coaches will notice. A lot of guys are soft and don’t want to get “too tired” from scout team, they rotate with different players- that should not be you. Take every single rep possible because that is more opportunities for you to impress coaches and move up the depth chart. 

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