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3 Tips To Run A Better Comeback

How you can run a better comeback Route is by doing the following 3 things, sell vertical, use your hips to drop yourself and decelerate, and run your arms out of the break. A good comeback route needs to be sold vertical first. Peaking back at the top of the route can certainly help but your speed and body language make all the difference. Now the only way you can decelerate when you are running full speed is by dropping your hips violently. Now if you slow down into the break and start chopping your steps and cutting down your strides you will lose explosiveness in your hips. Attack the depth of the route and use your hips to slow you down. Now to accelerate out of the break you need to be running your arms not beating the drum, drive from your shoulders just like you are running a 40 yd dash. If you beat the drum your feet will chop and that is not natural. If you can run and drive your leg drive will stay natural and that’s how you cut out time at the breakpoint. If you want a booklet that gives you the exact technique, steps and how to run each out, click the link below to see our ADVANCED route tree. It breakdowns down all of the routes you will run from 0-9 plus all of the advanced double moves and triple moves. Click below to see!⬇️⬇️

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