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3 Tips To Run A Better Post Route

How you can run a better post route is by doing the following. Make sure you sell vertical, be sudden and don’t be afraid of an outside release. So if you are running a fade vs zone coverage DO NOT slow down into the cut or round into the cut. Make sure you are attacking the depth of the route and closing the distance with the DB. Now the whole point of being fast brings me to my next point, if you are running full speed the only way you can change direction is by being sudden with your feet. It is impossible to change direction when you are running full speed with a slower cut. You need to be sudden with your cut and really pop it in the ground. This gives you explosion and doesn’t give the DB much time to react. Now when you run a post against press, don’t be afraid of an outside release. Still push vertical, if you can work to re stack but if not you want to work a throw by technique at the top of the route. Engage the contact and as you make that sudden break throw him by with your inside hand. This will get you a ton of separation and you will be able to widen the distance with a DB. If you want to learn releases you can use on all routes specifically and the correct situations to use them, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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