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3 Tips To Run A Fade vs. Zone

3 things you can do to run a fade vs zone coverage successfully are the following, attack the DBs front hip, make sure you step on his toes and give a violent head fake to the inside. These three things will get you some more separation against zone. If you attack the DBs front hip and try to work to his blind spot it makes him go off of feel. And when you get a DB trying to feel you out without eyes on you, that can get you a lot of space. Now when I say step on his toes or close the gap that means trying to get him to back pedal out of there faster or to turn and run with you. This will help you get space if you throw a head fake to the inside on him. That head fake, or commonly known as a vertical set, can get the DB to sit on the post. If he can commit down and try to jump the post you will get space. Use that vertical set to drive you back to the outside so you can keep your head down and widen the distance from the DB. If you guys want more technical tips on how you can beat zone coverage, man coverage, press man and any look a defense throws at you, checkout our WR manual below! This contains all of the technique that I teach in one place! ⬇️⬇️

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