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3 Tips To Run A Faster 40

  1. To run a faster 40 you need a great start. Make sure that you are explosive for the first 10yds and you really focus on being powerful with your knee drive and with your arm drive.

  1. Hit Top Speed for the next 30yds. After you have an explosive start you will start to hit your top speed so you can finish a 40 with energy. It’s really important to hit top speed throughout the 40 because that’s how you finish with a good time rather than dying out. Create energy for the first 10yds and focus on power, then you want to use that energy to turn into acceleration. Relax and breathe when you are at top speed and really emphasize great form. Stay on the balls of your feet and drive your arms at a 90 degree angle.

  1. The last thing you can do for a better 40 is work on your explosiveness and fast twitch muscle fibers. So many guys struggle with this because they aren’t lifting correctly. If you want to learn the exact exercises you can do in the gym to improve your 40 click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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