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3 Tips To Win Off The Line

3 Things you can do off the line to get separation are the following... you need to have sudden feet, a plan for your hands, and understand range especially when it’s a physical DB. The main thing about having sudden feet is that serves to get a reaction out of the DB. If you can be quick with your feet off the line and keep them underneath you, you can be explosive when it comes to your release. As far as your hands go you need to be able to understand what a DB is trying to accomplish based on their alignment to structure your hand technique. If you want to take an inside release just know you only need to beat their inside arm and if they are outside leverage they will probably jam with their outside arm so just get going into the route. Now especially you smaller guys, range is so important. Being able to go where the DB isn’t and draw him in, or make him shuffle with you can create a lot of separation. Make him wrong either way. If you want access to a video with ALL of the press releases you can use and GAME FILM examples, click the link below! ⬇️

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