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3 Ways QBs Can Dominate This Season

3 Ways QBs can dominate this season are the following: 1) QBs who can have confidence will be successful this season. I think since a lot of teams were not able to practice they are very uncertain and don’t know who their leader is and who is the guy who will lead their team. If you have been working hard in the off season, studying properly and doing the right things, you can step up to be that guy. This is a perfect opportunity to earn your teams respect. They will play harder for you and do more. The second thing QBs can do to dominate is by being consistent with their timing. Right now, if you can’t practice with coaches, you should be throwing routes vs air with your teammates any chance you can get. Timing is everything. So if you can improve your timing you will be levels ahead of other players on the field. And last but definitely not least, you should improve your classroom work as a QB. And by classroom I mean football IQ, if you haven’t been studying this whole time in quarantine, you are not doing the right things. Knowing coverages and knowing defenses is probably the best thing that will lead you to success. Guys who don’t have the best physical traits can still win ball games and be successful if they have a high football IQ, if you want to learn how defenses work and how you can beat those specific coverages, click the link below! When you sign up you will get 100+ breakdowns and 4 new breakdowns of NFL defenses each week. This will make high school /youth/college defenses look easy! ⬇️⬇️

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