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3 Ways To Get An OFFER

Below I will be discussing three things that you can do to receive a scholarship offer if you do not have one already. I hope this can help! 

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1)- Make A Twitter account and reach out to coaches. Now a lot of people talk about this and talk about recruits making a Twitter but how do you actually navigate on there for success. A lot of college coaches have their DMs on private and a lot of college coaches don’t even read their DMs because they get so many. How can you stand out and how can you have success? The key is to follow coaches and tag them in your posts and have a target list of coaches you want to reach out to from ALL levels of college football. Do not just DM the big power 5 schools. You need to make a list of 15-20 schools from NAIA, D3, D2 & D1. Follow your position coach and the recruiting coordinator for your area of the country. Tag those guys in your posts in the comment section so hopefully you can receive a follow back if their DMs are private. Twitter needs to be utilized if you want to get recruited and don’t feel like spending thousands on some recruiting service.

 2)- Going to college camps. So if you’re a guy who doesn’t have a ton of film, college camps can be great for you. It can be a great opportunity to build relationships with coaches- which can lead to an offer. It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that you will show up unnoticed to a camp, ball out and get offered on the spot. You might be the best one there but still probably won’t get an offer because most people can look good in t shirt/shorts. And college coaches know that when the pads are on, that’s what matters. Now camps are great because if you do perform well I guarantee you will get some coaches contact info. And then you can follow him on Twitter/contact him. That’s how the process begins. So use college camps as a way to build your network not as a hope to get an offer. Your network will lead to an offer.

3)- Last but not least, utilize your high school head coach. If you make it known to your high school coach that you want to get recruited, he will do his best if he’s a halfway decent guy. Tell him that you have dreams of playing college football and that you will do whatever it takes to do that. Because coming up in the spring, college coaches start to visit high schools and the first person they contact is the head coach. They will ask him who his guys are, and if you have made it known to the coach you want to be a recruitable guy- he will tell the college about you. Now heres the thing, you can’t be an idiot at practice and have a bad attitude for this strategy to work. You need to be a work ethic guy, team first guy and love to grind. That’s why those things matter in high school. Your high school coach will NEVER refer you if he doesn’t like you. 

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