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3 Ways To Get Separation

3 ways you can create more separation is with your body language, arm drive and leg drive. All three of these things have to do with selling vertical. If you can keep a 45 degree angle pad level almost throughout your route you are more likely to get a DB to turn and run with you or to be in a heavy back pedal. This makes it a lot easier for you to sell fade before you change direction. I call giving away a break an indicator. If you give a DB an indicator that you are going to make a break on a route that’s when he jumps the route which brings me to my next point. Arm drive and leg drive. A good DB will notice when you drop your arms right before a break or your arms get real choppy, that’s an indicator. You want to keep the same arm swing into the break and then out of the break. The same is true for leg drive. Keep the same stride length throughout the route. The second you start getting really choppy steps because you are preparing for a break is the second a DB can react. Keep the same stride and make your break in stride, that is what we call body control. These are three sure things to create separation for you. If you want a manual that covers everything WRs need to know about catching, route running, releases, football IQ and much more click the link below to learn how you can get access to our WR Bible ⬇️⬇️

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