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3 Ways To Improve Your VERT

Your vertical jump is directly related to your fast twitch muscle fibers. AKA The ability to give an all out effort on a single movement. This correlates to speed and explosiveness. So today we will discuss three exercises you can do for this. The first exercise is power cleans. This is a great exercise because you are trying to generate force from the ground and a lot of this movement is based on hip explosion. This helps tremendously with your vert.

Second exercise you should be doing is jump squats. So this almost serves as resistance training for your vertical jump. Doing weighted jump squats with either a barbell or dumbbells help you explode from the ground up. This activates the exact same fast twitch muscle fibers you need for a vertical jump.

If you guys would like a 12 week workout schedule for WRs to improve their speed, explosiveness, fast twitch muscle fibers, balance, ankle stability, knee stability and more… CLICK BELOW! ⬇️⬇️ And last but not least, any kind of plyometric training. So box jumps, 1 leg box jumps, jumping over hurdles, broad jumps etc. will all help you with explosiveness and your vert. If you guys can do these things over and over again in your gym routines you will see a big jump in your vert but not only that, you will improve your speed & overall explosiveness as well.

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