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3 Ways To Run An Out Route

3 ways you can run an out route are the following, using a heavy indicator cut, a no indicator cut or a rocker step. Obviously there are more ways to do it but I believe these are 3 good starting points. So a heavy indicator out route is when you use that hard plant to decelerate and create explosion to get you out of the break. If it’s a man coverage scenario using a heavy cut with a head and shoulder fake is essential. That’s what will get this DB off his platform and move him off your line. Whether it’s off of a re stack or you are attacking off man it’s the same concept. Now a no indicator out route is mainly used for zone. That’s when you almost round into the cut, and your arm drive is essential for this to work. If your arms are lazy, you will not get any burst out and your cut will be slow. You need a good pad level and rip those arms to the sideline. Now lastly, a rocker step out route is a great way to beat man. You are selling post with your outside step and then using your inside step to catch you. It’s a double move/step. So for example if you are running a speed out off of your 3rd inside step, you would do a rocker on your 3rd outside step so you can break off the inside leg. It’s all about making the DB believe you are crossing his face in off man, or if it is a re stack situation it’s all about throwing your body to the inside to get him to jump harder on the post. If you guys want a full step by step video very similar to this post on how to run better routes in ONLY 10 days click the link below, we walk you through the specific techniques to each route, moves you can use at the top of the route and drills to improve these specific points! Click the link below for more info!

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