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3 Ways To Stay Motivated

3 ways to stay motivated:

Focus on why you started playing football in the first place. Too many guys get caught up in how hard it is and how much work it’s gonna take to get to be where they want. Don’t think about that, think about your reason why

Get up early. When you get up before the sun it gives you a confidence that nobody else is up. That’s when a lot of work can be accomplished

Be obsessed. You have to be obsessed with your process. How you’re going to get better needs to be on your mind just about 24/7. That’s what all the great athletes have. Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and LeBron James all have one thing in common when it comes to work ethic and that is they are obsessed with their process. Everything they do is strategic. Brady and LeBron invest millions of dollars into their off season training programs. I’m not saying to do that when you don’t have the money but think about what they are doing.