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3 Ways WRs Can Beat Physical Press

The first way WRs can beat a press DB is by using range. When a DB is going to get physical info a real game situation, they key is to not panic and know that he is reacting off of you. When you see all these clips of guys getting destroyed off the line in 7on7 and 1on1s know that most of the time it is not real football. In a real game if a DB wants to jump the snap count like that and knock you off your route we are just gonna run a stretch and bounce it outside, and that will be the last time he tries that. When I say use range I mean using releases where you operate in the space he gives you. So something like a split release, step back or slide release works great. Force the DB to have to make a decision. He can either lunge at you or try to stay disciplined and watch your hips, we should have a plan for either scenario.

Second, WRs should know how to attack a DB with their hands. When a DB decides to shoot hands you can’t have your hands down by your side. You need to know what to attack specifically and how you can create as much separation as possible. If you are trying to take an outside release, know that you just have to beat a DBs outside arm and vice versa for an inside release. A jam from a DB is just to screw up timing with the QB. So beat whichever hand you need to and get up into the route. Separation is created at the top of the route.

Last but not least, WRs need to understand the reason WHY DBs play the way they do. WRs should understand why a DB is inside shade, why a DB is outside shade, why a DB could be in off man and why a DB could be in catch technique. You need to have the mental side of the game down to be able to apply the physical side of the game. Too many receivers go up there without a plan and without a concept of how to beat a specific press/man coverage look. If you want to learn how you can read a defense from a WR perspective click the link below! Below is a full 40 minute program on how WRs can read defenses. TODAY ONLY IT WILL BE 50% OFF! We talk about how you can structure different releases, moves at the top of the route and how you can dissect a DB! Click below and grab it today for half the price! ⬇️⬇️

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