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3 Ways WRs Can Get Better Hands

EYES. Your eyes are the single most important thing when it comes down to catching. If you trust your eyes to the catch you will be a way more consistent pass catcher. I’m not just saying “look the ball in”... you almost want to pretend your eyes are a camera and you want to take a picture of the ball. The only thing in your line of vision should be the football when you catch it. Not the football and the defender, the football and only the football.

GRIP STRENGTH. This is super essential to have if you want to improve your hands. When you catch a ball you are catching it in the webbing of your hands not your palms. The only way you can be consistent at this is by having a strong grip. You can do all the hand eye coordination drills in the world but if you have weak hands you will not be able to catch any hard throws or make any difficult catches.

WHAT IF YOU HAVE NO QB? If you don’t have a QB you still need to be working on your hands. Do solo tennis ball drills and work on your grip strength with any grip exercise. The great part about catching is that you can work on it everyday. It’s not something you can get sore from. If you aren’t sure what drills or exercises to do check out the link below! It is 30 Days of workouts for WRs specifically to improve their hands! NO QB NEEDED. We give you specific drills/exercises/sets & reps to improve your hands. Check it out here! ⬇️

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