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3 Ways WRs Can Get Recruited

  1. NEED TO GET GOOD FILM. This is one of the most essential things that WRs don’t do. They don’t know how to put together a correct highlight tape. You need to include plays that will make you stand out to a college coach. Not just routine catches you make on a slant route. You need to include your big plays at the very beginning of your tape. And also, coaches don’t care about freshman and JV film. Be focused on getting varsity film. That’s what coaches want to see. Also, include blocking plays and plays where you run a great route (if it stands out not just a 10yd out) in the tape so it shows you have correct technique and football IQ. Those are two things college coaches love.

  1. GET TO CAMPS. If you don’t have film and you are a junior or a senior, you need to get out to camps. Coaches can’t take a chance on you if you don’t have film. But if you don’t have film they are going to want to see you with their own eyes. So you need to get out to as many camps as possible/affordable and perform. This can create interest so when you do get some film you can send it out to coaches you already have relationships with.

  1. IF YOURE NOT BIG, YOU NEED TO BE TECHNICALLY SOUND. So if you don’t pass the “eye test” you will need to excel in certain areas. You need to catch every ball thrown, make every play on the field, be smooth in and out of breaks and be able to get off of press. Those will help you get on the field if you are an undersized guy, and then it all comes down to #1 and #2 mentioned above. If you want over 1.5 hours of advanced content on specific route running drills and press releases you can use to take your game to that next level, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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