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3 WR Route Running Tips

The main thing WRs need to do to improve their route running is to focus on keeping a good pad level throughout the route and selling vertical the whole way through. If you can sell fade and make all your routes look the same, it will get the DB on his heels and if we can get him to think vertical we can win.

The second thing WRs need to do to improve their route running is focus on hip flexibility and explosive hips when they have to break down on a route. A lot of receivers are so stiff and they wonder why their breaks are slow and not explosive, you have to be able to drop into an explosive position to be explosive so you need to stretch out your hips and legs every night before you go to sleep. It’s not that hard but guys still don’t do it. 

Lastly, to improve your route running you need to accelerate out of the break. Everyone loves the cool snap down at the top of the route then they just stop. The only reason you snap down in the first place is so you can generate force out of the break and run to get some separation from your defender, but most guys won’t do that.

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