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3 WR Tennis Ball Drills

Stand with your back up against a wall, look over the top of your head and bounce the tennis balls over your head to catch mimicking an over the shoulder catch. Do about 50 reps of these on each hand.

Stand facing a wall, hold two tennis balls in your hands. Throw one at a wall then catch in your opposite hand while switching hands with the other tennis ball you did not throw. You want to perform this for 50 reps each hand. This will help you work on your hand eye coordination.

For this drill you need a partner, but have the partner stand behind you and you are both facing a wall. He throws the tennis ball at the wall and you have to react off of the bounce without seeing him throw it. You can do this for also 50 reps on each hand.

If you guys want a full training schedule for WRs with over 300+ WR drills and gym exercises mapped out with specific reps, sets and rest periods click the link below! All of the drills and exercise will take your speed, explosiveness, route running, press releases, hands and overall game to the next level! ⬇️⬇️

WE WILL BE IN SAN DIEGO SUNDAY OCTOBER 24th for a 3 hour QB/WR training clinic! We are only allowing 20 spots so click the link below to register because they will fill up fast! I will be working with the QBs & WRs and I will be flying in a D1 speed coach to help you guys with 40yd dash mechanics and overall speed work! Check it out here and reserve your spot. ⬇️

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