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40 Time For College WRs

To play in college you obviously need to have some kind of speed. Everyone you will be matching up against will be big and they will be fast. That’s just how it is in college football. When it comes to the 40, unfortunately colleges will put some weight on your 40 time. I think as a slot WR you should shoot for a 4.6 or better & as an outside you should shoot for a 4.7 or better. But BELIEVE ME… college coaches put more weight on game film. You should focus on trying to look fast when you’re wearing pads. Not trying to be fast at a camp or combine. You could have a bad start, slip, or the coach can screw up on the time. All those factors can give you a bad 40 time. Don’t be so concerned on the exact number- be concerned with developing game speed. Below we will talk about some things you can do to develop that this off season.

If you are a guy who maybe isn’t the fastest or most explosive WR you need to have incredible technique to play at the next level. If you guys would like an 8 week workout schedule with daily route running, press release, caching and overall WR drills checkout the link below! We breakdown the exact sets & reps you need to do for optimal growth in your game and we show a video example/breakdown of each drill ⬇️⬇️

To develop game speed I think it comes down to 3 things. 1)- Explosive movements in the gym like power cleans or box jumps. 2)- Plyometrics (box jumps etc.) & 3)- Resistance training (sled runs, parachute runs & hill runs). These can help you develop speed and overall explosiveness. This will help you look fast on film which college coaches love to see.

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