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40 Time Range For College WRs

Slot WRs: 4.3-4.6

Outside WRs: 4.3-4.8

Now I tread lightly with this because I do not want you to get caught up in a specific 40 time. I want you to get caught up in being the absolute fastest and most explosive athlete you can be to where it shows up on film. College coaches care about film, period. Not what you can do in t-shirt/shorts. The 40 times mentioned above are good to shoot for but I want you to be more concerned with how fast you can look on game tape and how explosive you can look on game tape. That is going to come from the speed training you do this off season and the gym workouts WRs need to be specifically doing to develop speed, explosiveness and power. If you guys would like a 12 week workout schedule for WRs to do in the gym to build speed and explosion, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

We are coming to Tampa Florida, Houston Texas, Phoenix Arizona, Newark New Jersey, Atlanta Georgia, Dallas Texas, Chicago Illinois, Nashville Tennessee, & Los Angeles California. If you want more info check it out here! ⬇️

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