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40 Time To Be A D1 WR

I think the 40yd dash is one of the most misleading things in all of football, especially at the high school and youth level. If college coaches wanted the guys with the best 40 times on their team- they would recruit 100m runners- not football players. The EXACT TIME DOES NOT MATTER. 90% of football players lie about their 40 time anyways because there is usually no way to prove it. I understand that it is a test of speed but below we will be discussing what’s more important for athletes and what you should be emphasizing when it comes to speed. I hope this can help.

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Ok so, college coaches do not care about your 40 time. They can kind of gauge where you are at speed wise but you could run a sub 4.5 40 and be afraid of contact… and you will never play division 1 football. Coaches want to see game speed. Football is not played in T-shirt and shorts. Personally I even think the NFL combine is BS. But when it comes to college recruiting your highlight tape is what stands out the most- you could run a sub 4.5 40 in T-shirt/shorts but it was hand timed, you can upload it to your Twitter bio but a college coach is going to ask for game film. He wants to see if you will be fast when the pads come on. It’s a different game when you’re wearing full pads and you have guys trying to take your head off. So you should be trying to emphasize game speed with your training- the 40 can help you stand out but if you are just an average speed guy or even just generally fast- your game speed is what can help you stand out. But even if you are really fast- you might stumble out of your start on a 40yd dash and your time will be 2-10ths slower. Even though you might be the fastest guy on your team. My whole point of writing this is to tell you that you should not stress about your exact 40 time. You want to be as fast as humanly possible- but be fast on Friday nights. 

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