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40 Time To Be A D1 WR

Below we are going to discuss the 40 time needed to play WR at the D1 level and why a 40 Time is NOT SUPER IMPORTANT. I hope this can help. 


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The desired 40 time I would say for a D1 WR is anywhere from a 4.6 and below. However there are many exceptions to the rule if you are on the bigger side etc. But your 40 DOES NOT MATTER as much as you think. Do you know why college players getting ready for the draft spend so much time working with a speed coach in the months leading up to the combine? It’s because the 40 is insanely technical. Every single WR at the combine this year is an insane athlete. But one false step, one bad start (Tank Dell) or a stumble can ruin your entire 40 time. And trust me, college coaches know that most of you lie on your 40 time anyways. So don’t get so caught up in the exact number for your 40. Focus on developing your speed, explosion and quickness so it can show up on film. The film doesn’t lie. College coaches know if you are fast or if you are slow. College coaches will not be intrigued by a “4.4 forty” claim in your Twitter bio. Because they see 4.4 speed on a daily basis. Your film will show.

So my recommendation is that you obviously want the fastest 40 possible, but until you get to that NFL combine level- you should be more concerned with just general speed development. Work explosive movements in the gym, train plyometrics, run with resistance etc. Don’t invest a lot of time into your 40 technique. It’s not as important as you think… at least right now.

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