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5 Star vs. 0 Star WRs…

So we are going to discuss 3 main differences between 5 Star WRs and 0 Star WRs- first thing I want to clarify though is that at the next level stars DO NOT MATTER- college coaches don’t care what star  recruit you are- the purpose of this article is to show you the main reasons guys don’t get as much recruiting attention as others. So the first main difference I would say is the eye test. Now everyone I’m sure has head this phrase but the eye test is size and speed. If you are going to play D1 power 5 football you have to be tall and fast- if you’re not tall and fast you must be at least one of those things to make up for a lack of the other. If you are a guy who knows he isn’t tall- that’s fine… but you better do everything you can to be the fastest player on your team/ in your league. Height you cannot control but speed you have some ability.

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The second thing 5 star guys have on the 0 star guys is big play making ability. It is noticeable. On regular WR film you see the TDs where you are wide open making a routine catch and that’s great don’t get me wrong, but the 5 Star guys have EXPLOSIVE plays on their highlight film- they break tackles, make people miss, make 50/50 catches etc. As a college coach that is what I want- I want an explosive playmaker. So if you want to play college football, that’s what you need on film.

The last thing all D1 5-Star WRs have is confidence. To be a highly recruited 5 star WR you need to act like it. You can’t be afraid to make the big play. You need to want press man coverage, the deep pass thrown to you etc. If you are afraid to fail you will never play high level college ball. You need to want the ball and have that borderline arrogance that you are the best player on the field. Now confidence is arrogance when you don’t have the work ethic to match your mindset. Make sure week in and week out you work hard like a D1 football player- can’t have a D3 work ethic with a D1 mindset- that is what we call delusional. 

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