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Below we will be discussing the 8 things you need to do with your highlight tape to make it stand out to a college coach. I hope this can help! 

Also, if you are a QB or WR and would like 200+ QB & WR drills all mapped out with the exact sets & reps to do, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

1)- Keep it short. Believe it or not, a 1 minute tape of insane plays is much better in a college coaches eyes than a 7 minute tape of just average ones. He will have his decision made within probably 30 seconds if you are a player he is interested in.

2)- Put your best plays first. You need to catch a college coaches eye immediately.

3)- Always highlight yourself on the play, unless you are a QB. Everyone knows where the QB is, but highlight yourself so a coach can see you. 

4)- Appropriate Music- just use the stock music that hudl has. Please do not import your favorite rap song with explicit lyrics. Looks very unprofessional.

5)- Don’t try to be funny- don’t highlight players that make you look bad and do some fancy edit. Makes you look immature.

6)- Don’t include long periods of time before the snap of the play. Nobody wants to sit there for 10 seconds before the ball is snapped. Make sure you clip it properly 

7)- Do not need to show any wasted time after the play. Same thing, it wastes time and a college coach will lose interest.

8)- Make an appropriate cover page- you’d be surprised at some of the things I see. Don’t have your name be the nickname your friends call you. Show your name, position, accolades and graduating class. THATS IT. 

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