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All Athletes Need A Twitter

A lot of people put a negative light on social media but it’s just an excuse for people to not have one or to hate on other people who do. Social media especially Twitter, is a huge part of an athletes process in today’s world. Let me explain.

You want to go where the attention goes. College coaches aren’t scrolling through Instagram. They are too young for Facebook. They are on Twitter. That’s where you should be too. Especially if you do not have film. If you don’t have varsity film the best way to get some attention is on Twitter. Recruiting comes from attention. Follow the coaches that come to your school. Let them know you are interested and serious about what you post. Don’t retweet a school fight or some kind of Twitter beef. Not what colleges want to see. But if you are constantly working and want to document that, that’s what you should post. Now there is a fine line between actually working and faking it for Twitter. Don’t post 7on7 clips. Post yourself lifting big weight and working. Colleges don’t care about 7on7, hate to tell you that. But they don’t. They care about if you can help them win games. And if they see you working then they will have a bigger trust in you.

Now don’t think it’s going to happen over night. You won’t make a Twitter and then get a scholarship. It is a process of years. You just need to stay patient and it will come. Nobody was offered over night. It took work and not fake work.

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