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All QBs Need To Know This

Every QB needs to understand that they are the leader of the team, the team will look to them in a time of distress or when they are losing and if you feel you can not handle that, maybe this position isn’t for you, but if you can handle it this is the exact spot you want to be in. There is a freedom in the fact that guys look to you. The QB position is much like a middle linebacker. You are the captain of the offense. I don’t care if you are a 15 year old freshman playing with 18yr olds, you have to be able to command the team. You are in that position. Nothing worse than a QB who doesn’t have control of his team. If you can’t motivate guys to play better and bring their game up, you aren’t a leader. You are just a manager. You want to be a field general. How you do that is by having confidence in your ability and the work you put in. If the guys around you see that you are confident, they will put their confidence in you. That’s how you win over any team. But don’t mistake confidence for being arrogant. Nothing worse than an arrogant QB who really isn’t even that good. You look at all NFL greats, none of them were arrogant. Very confident. Arrogance will turn away everyone on the team. Be confident and be a team guy. That’s how you will get your teammates to follow you into the fire.

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