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A lot of times for athletes, social media is viewed in a negative light. They are told to stay off of it and not post anything that will make themselves or their program look bad. You don’t want to post anything that brings negative attention but I wouldn’t suggest staying off of it completely. Today’s world is changing. Everyone is constantly on their phones and on social media. Now you won’t be able to play football for forever, I don’t care how good you are. There will be someday you have to stop playing the game. But social media can be a great way to build your own personal brand for after football. I’m sure most of you have seen Antonio Brown or Cam Newtons Youtube channel with videos of themselves training and their lifestyle. That’s a perfect example of 2 athletes taking advantage of the opportunities on social media. It’s a source of income for them and they are going to be able to take their own brand and do many things after football. Let’s say when Antonio Brown is retired, he wants to become a private WR coach. He already has developed such a big personal brand through social media that he has a opportunity to do something great after football. So take advantage of those opportunities, be smart but you can always start developing a personal brand.

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