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Below we will be discussing the average 40 times for all players in D1 college football. These stats were made from research of some of the top recruits from the 2023 recruiting class. I write this as a gauge for the type of speed they are looking for at the D1 level. 40 time, in my eyes, is not the most important aspect of the game but that is unfortunately how they measure speed. I hope this can help you out! 

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QBs: 4.9-4.7 is average 

RBs: 4.6-4.5 is average 

WRs: 4.5-4.4 is average 

TEs: 4.8-.4.7 is average 

O-Line: Anything below a 5.4 I think is good (was tough to find an average for this)

D-Line: 4.9-4.7 is average 

DBs: 4.5-4.4 is average 

Linebackers: 4.8-4.7 is average 

All of these stats are for Division Power 5 players. If you are below these numbers, please do not panic. Use this as a target that you want to get to- to play football at the next level you need some kind of speed. This is the type of speed they look for at the highest level.

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