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Average Height For D1,D2 & D3 WRs

Below we will be discussing the average height for a D1,D2 & D3 WR. I hope this can give you some insight on college recruiting. 

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Below we will be discussing the average height for WRs at the collegiate level. All of this information can be accessed if you search up “_(insert college here)___ football team roster ESPN”

So that is where I pulled this data from. If you aren’t in the average height range- we are going to discuss below how you can make up for being undersized. 

D1 WRs: 5’10-6’5

D2 WRs: 5’10-6’3

D3 WRs: 5’8-6’3

Now the nice part about playing WR is you have to be really undersized to be out of the consideration to play slot WR. But if you are under 6’0… you need some attributes to your game. And the first one I want to talk about is speed. If you are short & slow you can’t play the game at a high level. So if you know you aren’t gonna be the tallest you cannot neglect your speed. If you guys would like some daily speed drills & speed workouts you can do to get faster, checkout the link below! 

The next two things you need if you are short are Route running and football IQ. If you can’t create separation against bigger/physical DBs as a WR, you will eventually be held back in your game. Especially at the college level. So you should be constantly striving to improve your route running. Working on your cuts, speed cuts, hip drop cuts etc. All of those things can make you stand out against the 6’4 WRs who just get away with running lazy routes because they are big. Now, when it comes down to football IQ, that’s just being able to play smart with your size. As a small WR we know our game is not going to be the most physical. You’re not taking on any linebackers or safeties in a hand fight battle of the line. You need to know how to attack their leverage and set them up with your feet & quickness. So I recommend studying coverages, DB techniques etc. so you know how to approach certain looks when you see it on the field. That will make you a more efficient WR, and efficiency can make up for a lack of size. 

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