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Below we are going to discuss the average height for a D1 WR combined with their weight. I hope this can help!

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As far as height goes I think that to be a slot WR you need to be above 5’9 and then to be an outside WR you should be above 6’0. I think if you have that stat you pass the eye test to play at the D1 level, however there is always exceptions to the rule. Guys are always a little shorter than the average because college coaches more so care about your on field ability. Yes height helps but nobody has ever gotten an offer on solely height. They have some kind of skills to back it up or they have potential. If you’re tall and you suck, you still won’t play at the next level. And they will offer someone smaller than you who has better skills. Height you cannot control but your on field performance you can control. Now if you lack height, you better have speed/explosiveness. You should constantly work to develop your speed and explosiveness so you can show that on film. Do the correct workouts on the field and in the gym to develop your fast twitch muscle fibers so you can be an explosive athlete when the lights come on. If you would like 90 days of WR gym workouts that emphasizes speed, explosiveness and power, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

Now when it comes to your weight, that’s not as important. Yes it helps to be 185+lbs as a WR but don’t get caught up in a specific number. Look at the number one recruit this year for WR/DB, Travis Hunter. He weighs at the max, 165lbs. That’s not the typical weight for a D1 WR however he is still the best damn player in the country so a colleges mindset is that they will put weight on him when he gets there. He is fast, explosive and can flat out ball. That’s what they care about. Your height and weight can help but don’t quit on yourself if you don’t fit the typical “eye test”.

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