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Average Height & Weight For Freshman Based On Position

Below we will be discussing the average height & weight for freshman football players based on their position. I hope this is able to help!

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So every year we do 15 training camps across the country and I would say we come across 1,000+ athletes every year. I’d say about 60% of that number is high school freshman. So this purely based off of what we see and deal with on a day to day basis.

QBs- Height is usually around 5’9-6’0

Average weight- 155-175lbs

WRs/DBs- Height is usually around 5’7-5’11+

Weight is usually 145-170lbs

TEs- Height is usually around 5’10-6’0

Weight is usually around 175-200lbs

RBs/LBs- Height is usually 5’7-5’11

Weight is usually 160-185lbs

O-Line- Height is usually 6’0+

Weight is usually around 195lbs-225lbs 

D-Line- Height is usually 6’0+

Weight is usually around 195lbs-215lbs 

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