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Average Weight For D1,D2 & D3 WRs

Below we will be discussing the average weight for a D1, D2 & D3 WRs. I hope this can help you! 

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Located below are the average weights for D1-D3 WRs. This information I gathered from if you search up a team and then type in “roster” afterwards- every players age, height & weight will come up. Below this list we are going to discuss why the EXACT weight does not matter as much as you think. 

D1 WRs- 180-210lbs

D2 WRs- 175-205lbs

D3 WRs-170-200lbs

The weights listed above is about what you would expect. But there are two things I want you to understand if you are a WR reading this. Colleges are not recruiting bodybuilders or sumo wrestlers. They could care less about the exact number of pounds you are carrying around. You obviously want to be as big as possible- but as a WR- you want as low of body fat % as possible. So you can remain athletic. Why gain all of this unnecessary fat because someone told you that you needed to “gain weight for college”. For guys especially, it’s hard to gain muscle weight. It takes a lot of work in the gym and with your diet. And you want to always strive to put on more muscle- but look at guys like Travis Hunter & Devonta Smith. Both went to elite colleges & also were highly recruited. And those dudes were twigs in high school. Devonta smith still kind of is. But he’s one of the best damn WRs in the world (because he’s in the NFL) and you see Travis Hunter has gained a lot of size since entering college. So understand this, colleges will put weight on you. 100% guaranteed. Ask anyone who has played college football. You will be on a workout plan and meal plan that will kill you. But you will gain weight. And college coaches know that when recruiting you. What’s harder to teach is the skills & speed required to play the position. So please don’t ever neglect that. Focus a lot on your skills. Yes focus on the gym and gaining weight- but the exact number of how much you weigh is not as important as everyone thinks.

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