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Average Weight Of D1 Players

Below we will be discussing the average weight for skill positions at the D1 level. I hope this can clear up some questions you have on the attributes needed to play college football!

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Okay so, the weight thing for skill positions is kind of all BS. You hear athletes all the time say, “oh I need to gain weight for college” or “I need to bulk up this off season” and both of those are true. And you want to be as big as possible, but the EXACT NUMBER of what you weigh does not matter. College coaches are not recruiting body builders. They are recruiting football players. Your on field skills, speed, and potential is what matters most. If you talk to anybody who has played college football, they will tell you that when you get to campus, they are going to put weight on you. If you need to gain weight, a colleges mindset is that they will take care of that when you get on campus. I’m not saying to quit on gaining muscle and size- but don’t stress yourself out about a specific number. A lot of guys try to hit a specific weight and they end up with a very high body fat %- which can cause you to slow down. You want to be as big as possible, but as athletic as possible. Because athleticism is what matters most for skill positions. 

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Now in terms of the average weight for a D1 skill position, I would say it’s anywhere from 180-200lbs usually. I get all of my info on these attributes from ESPN. If you search up “Alabama football roster” or any team for that matter- it gives you every single players height, weight and age. All of the data is there. I think you should shoot for 180lbs but an athletic 180 with a low body fat %. And trust me a college coach doesn’t carry a scale around and go “oh he’s 176 not 180 we don’t want him”. If you’re a great football player, you’re fast, explosive etc. he’s going to want you. This is for skill positions. 

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