Be A 5 Tool QB

How To Be A 5 Tool QB is by doing the foundational 5 things every QB needs to be able to do in this day and age. Be able to make throws from the pocket, extend plays, throw off platform, zone read threat, and be able to take off and run when forced. If you can do all of those things you can thrive at the next level. This is what you should be working on to improve in the off season. Too many guys just throw routes and think that is enough. You need to make the hard throws look easy. While throwing routes is important, you want to work off balance throws, throws on the run, and challenging throws downfield if you want to be successful at this position. Being able to have athleticism helps with the zone read and escape ability needed. You don’t need do be a 4.5 forty guy, but at least have some sort of athleticism. That can be improved. Don’t use the excuse of being a pocket passer. If you want to learn how you can specifically improve all of these aspects check out the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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