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Benefits Of A Speed Ladder

The primary benefits of a speed ladder are obvious but how can you get the most out of it? Too many guys worry about who can do the fanciest drill or who can get your feet the quickest, I think the speed ladder is pointless if you aren’t doing drills that will help you in a game. And also, I’ve heard coaches say your eyes should be down looking at your feet to make sure they are perfect... that could not be more wrong. When are you ever going to have your eyes down In a game? Never. So it really doesn’t benefit you to have your eyes down. So your eyes need to be up the ENTIRE time or at least the best you can, I get it, some drills can be complicated. So many people do pointless drills because it looks cool. Do the real work! Not the fake work on the ladder. Ladder drills get bad reputations because of all the clowns doing dumb drills on it. Focus on doing game situation footwork and keeping your eyes up to make it as realistic as possible.

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