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Below we will be discussing the best college camps to attend in 2024. I hope this can help!  

Also, in 2024 we are coming out to 15 more cities for QB/WR camps! We will be coming to San Francisco CA, Miami FL, Las Vegas NV, Charlotte NC, Portland OR, Dallas TX, Nashville TN, Chicago IL, Buffalo NY, Atlanta GA, Houston TX, Philadelphia PA, Detroit MI, Boise ID & Los Angeles CA! Checkout the link below to sign up ⬇️⬇️

So when it comes to college camps, there are a few things you want to avoid and a few things you need to keep in mind.

1)- If you don’t have varsity film yet, don’t break the bank going to a bunch of college camps. Usually, and this isn’t every single case study, but usually most guys who don’t have varsity film (underclassmen) don’t have a lot of relationships with college coaches. College coaches don’t know them, and they don’t know college coaches. So going to camps might be a way to meet people and build relationships with guys, but I don’t think you should break the bank flying to 50 states for camps. You haven’t even made varsity yet. I think most of your time and financial resources should go towards making varsity. Invest in training, training camps for development, speed training, gym memberships etc. Because without varsity film, it doesn’t matter how many college coaches you know. That’s just my opinion. If you do go to camps- I would try to attend camps where a bunch of schools will be out there. These are called “satellite camps”. Where a school hosts an event and multiple universities attend. Go to meet people, not receive an offer on the spot.

2)- Now, let’s say you do have varsity film… I need you guys to stay away from “exposure camps”. The rivals & 247 camps are the only ones that MIGHT BE worth your time. And honestly I don’t think they are, but those are cheap and not a ridiculous amount of money. I’m talking camps like “You Are Athlete”. If you fell for that scam, I am sorry. But they “invite” all of these kids to their camps, promising them exposure and they will say that a “rivals recruiting rep” will be there… when he’s probably getting a % of the camp profits. It’s a total money grab. And the athletes who go to those camps who they promote as their “top recruits” already have offers and didn’t pay for the camp. You’re funding the camp, nothing more. No college coaches in attendance. What’s a rivals recruiting rep gonna do for you? Email your combine times to a college coach he kind of knows? Please. You know how many emails a college coach gets daily… how many of the combine result emails will he open? Probably none. So don’t fall for this. 

Go to camps where college coaches are in attendance. Now that might not even be enough honestly to make it worth your time. If you go to a camp where you haven’t met or interacted with a single coach on the coaching staff… you are wasting your time. Especially at a D1 program. Go to camps where you have met coaches and they will be there. Go to camps like the “satellite” ones mentioned above. You want to go where you are known. How you get known is through coaches coming to your school during the contact period in the winter, following them on Twitter and sending them your film. That’s the start of a relationship. I’ll give you a personal example of why I am right on this. 

So this year, we are planning on hosting a camp in Massachusetts where 20 college coaches are going to be in attendance. The group size will be small, only 12-15 kids per position. And I wanted to get D1 coaches out to the camp to scout talent. Guess what they all told me… “We will not go unless it’s a recruit who is already on our scouting board”. I even offered them money to attend so they can see the type of talent we get at our events, because we have D1 talent in our pipeline. So that should tell you right there that if they don’t know you… they aren’t going to recruit you at a camp. 

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