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Below we will be discussing the best college coaches to reach out to. I hope this can help! 

Also if you are a QB or WR and would like a daily workout schedule you can do on the field for Route running and throwing mechanics, checkout these links below! 

WR Workout Plan ⬇️

QB Workout Plan ⬇️

Okay so the best coaches to reach out to are coaches you have prior communication with or coaches on your target list of schools. Everyone loves to glorify the DM approach with college coaches… when in fact it’s a very tough and tedious process that requires a lot of work. So you need a strategy and much like anything in life, it’s a lot about who you know. 

So for example, if a college coach comes to your high school and you meet him- you should immediately follow him on Twitter and send him a message thanking him for his time. Don’t send your film, don’t ask about anything- just thank him for the time.  That’s a connection and someone who you can communicate with throughout the off season. Recruiting is very much about relationships and networking. So any chance you can meet a college coach in person and get his contact info- you want to take it.

Now let’s say you’re at a smaller school and you don’t meet a lot of college coaches, you should make something called a target list. A target list is a list of 10 schools from each division of football. NAIA, D3, D2 & D1. You want to do some research on schools you’d like to attend and contact either your position coach for that school or someone called the “recruiting coordinator”- which is essentially someone who recruits everyone from a specific state/area of the country. You should follow him on Twitter and then contact him asking about camps, sending your film etc. You want a list of schools to stay organized. If a school doesn’t respond or isn’t interested- you can cross them off your list and find another. But you need to be organized with this process. Don’t just fire off DMs from the hip to any school you see. You need to make sure you’re talking to the coach who can actually make a different in your recruiting & Schools you have a legitimate interest in. 

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