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BEST College Exposure Camps In 2023

Below we are going to discuss some of the best college exposure camps that you can attend this year. I hope this can help! 


We are coming to St. Louis MO, Honolulu HI, Boston MA, Cleveland OH, Austin TX, Seattle WA, Newark NJ, Denver CO, & Los Angeles CA…. If you want more info and want to know how you can sign up, checkout the link below! 

There are a million different “exposure” camps or “recruiting” camps out there so how do you know which one to choose? These camps are very very different from the camps that we do. The camps we host for QBs & WRs are for skill building and actually getting you better so you can perform on gameday. The camps I’m referring to aren’t for skill building it’s mainly for “recruiting”. Two different things, except most of these exposure camps don’t help with ANYTHING. Just think about this concept before you invest money into a “showcase”. Colleges spend thousands and thousands of dollars on recruiting. Flying coaches all over the country, hosting recruits on official visits etc. Why would they EVER take advice from some camp or person who has seen a group of athletes one time for 2 hours? They wouldn’t. A lot of these camps market themselves by claiming “oh a rivals recruiting rep will be there” “a 247 sports rep will be there”. It’s all BS. They know who their guys are coming into the camp, and chances are the guys they are going to “invite” to a rivals combine are guys that didn’t pay for the camp that you paid for. Do you really think that a single recruiting rep will be able to scout 100+ kids In a 3-4 hour period? Absolutely not. Nobody can, you could be the best player at the camp and the recruiting rep could miss 1 out of your 10 reps and then you won’t get any kind of exposure. It’s a total waste of time and money in my eyes. All the guys who they invite to the rivals camps, which are the best ones in my opinion- all have really good film and are great football players. You aren’t going to attend a showcase camp without any film and then magically start getting real offers. The best camps to attend are college camps. You are performing directly in front of a college coach. He can see you with his own eyes & then make a decision for himself on whether he likes you or not. Extremely unlikely to receive an offer at ANY camp, no matter how great you are, but you can use this to build a relationship with that coach. Follow him on Twitter, send a follow up DM thanking him for the camp. Now you have a line of communication with someone who actually has the power to recruit you. Not some asshat who runs an “exposure” money grab camp who will just send you on your way when the camp is done. And these exposure camps might claim that college coaches will be there, guess what… they are getting paid to be there so the camp can use them as promotion. Just be smart with where you invest your money. I highly recommend college camps, I think 99% of all exposure camps are complete scams and the ones that actually work are invite only. And not the invite to spend $200, I’m talking a real invite where you don’t have to pay. 

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