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Best QB Exercise

Playing the QB position is probably one of the toughest tasks to do in all of sports. The most important aspect of that position next to your mind, I believe, is your lower half/core. Those are the two things that will make you throw the ball harder, farther, and have more control on the ball. But how can we develop those aspects? What if we are a skinnier QB who doesn’t have a lot of power behind the ball? We are going to discuss the best exercise QBs can do.

Everyone thinks that playing QB is all shoulder and arm. They don’t realize that your upper half should be relaxed and your lower half needs to drive the ball and create force. But you also need a strong, stable core to rotate on the ball. So, SQUATS are the best exercise for a QB to do. They will develop your whole entire leg and your glutes which is where your throw power comes from. You will develop a strong balanced base in the squat rack. If you lack a good base in the pocket or you feel unbalanced in the pocket, squats is the sure way to fix that. 

In regards to core, squats works your core as well, you have to have a tight core to get the weight up. Squats works everything except your upper body. That’s why it’s a foundational exercise. If you are a younger QB and don’t want to lift weights or let’s say you don’t have access to weights, jump squats are the best for you. It emphasizes explosion and being able to generate force from your lower half. All the variations of squats are great too. Jump squats, front squats, split squats etc. 

Having a strong base and core is the key to success at the QB position, next to having great football IQ.

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