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Best Way To Create Separation

The best way you WRs can create separation is by making everything look like a fade. If you can sell the DB on the fact that you are going vertical every single time, you will win.

The best route runners in the NFL hit every single route going full speed. They don’t give any tells to the DB as to what they are going to do. They stop right on a dime and get in and out of their breaks. And if it is a speed cut like a post or an out, they dont slow down for the break. They hit that thing going 100mph. The reason the great WRs do this is because it will get the DB on his heels. If the DB is on his heels we have an opportunity to win. A good DB will look for tells. If your pad level starts to raise up he will know something is coming. If you start to slow down he will know something is coming. If you stop pumping your arms, he will know something is coming. A DB is only reading you. He does not know the play as much as they act like it. You do know the play so don’t give anything away. You have to be very deceptive in order to win on any route. Once you repeatedly do this over and over again, the DB will begin to sit on some routes which opens up the deep game. It’s all about being a salesman and being deceptive. If you can make every route look the same, you will win.

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