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Can 9th & 10th Graders Get OFFERS?

Today we are going to discuss if freshman and sophomores in high school can get real offers and how to distinguish if someone is actually getting recruited or not. I hope this can help you gain some knowledge on the recruiting process.

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Okay so, every single offer you see someone receive before their junior year is technically not a real offer. A recruit cannot receive an actual offer until the summer before his junior year- so all of these offers you see on social media are technically “potential offers”. But there are obviously different tiers. Let’s say you are a 6’5 WR who can run a 4.5 40 and you run crazy routes but you’re only a freshman… but you start on varsity  etc. You probably have legitimate interest from colleges BUT it is still technically a potential offer. Obviously that type of kid will probably play football on Saturday’s but a lot can happen from 9th-11th grade and colleges know that. Now if you see a kid who doesn’t have ANY varsity film… his offers are complete crap. Whether he is an 8th grader, 9th grader or 10th… those are fake offers. Whether he paid for them, knows someone who knows a coach etc. those are not real offers. A college coach cares about what you can do on Friday nights. That’s all- I say this to mainly inform all of you to not believe everything you see on social media and to not get discouraged. 99% of the offers you see are not legitimate. Yes there are outstanding players out there but there are also players who are faking it. Don’t get discouraged, run your race and be the best football player you can possibly be. Trust the process and you will land your own legitimate offer. 

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