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Today we will be discussing if 8th graders, freshman and sophomores can receiver legitimate scholarship offers. I hope this can give you some insight on the recruiting process! 

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So the short answer of things is yes. Some people will tell you that the NCAA passed a law in 2019 stating that it was illegal for people younger than a junior in high school to receive a verbal offer… this is true except in the sport of football, basketball and I believe baseball. So underclassmen can receive VERBAL offers. But the key word is obviously verbal. I’m sure everyone knows some freshman who started on varsity who is a stud and has an offer from let’s say Alabama. And that is probably real interest. However, if he gets hurt, plays bad or just doesn’t live up to the hype in his next 3 years… since it was a verbal offer… the college doesn’t have to honor it and the kid cannot commit on it. He can verbally commit but it is not official. Now I’m sure we all also know someone who is an underclassman and he IS NOT a stud. He’s average at best but he claims to have “offers”. Those are the fake offers. They are all for hype and all to generate money for the college program. If you have kids posting that they have received offers to a specific college- that brings attention to that school. And money usually follows attention. Which is why these colleges do it. It’s a verbal offer, they don’t have to honor it and they get thousands of kids thinking that they might receive that offer if they sign up for their camp. I think it’s a bit slimey to do this and it tricks High School athletes across the country but unfortunately that’s the world we live in. I write this for the kid who doesn’t have any recruiting attention and might feel that he deserves more than someone else… don’t get discouraged. Keep pushing and getting better. Your time will come when you are a sophomore, junior or senior. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Football will expose the fake players at the end of the day. 

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