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College Coach Twitter DM Template

Below we will be giving you an intro message template to a college coach via Twitter. Before I type this I want to make sure everyone knows you should not reach out to the head coach or offensive/defensive coordinator. You should reach out and use this message on your position coach/recruiting coordinator for your area of the given school you are interested in. I hope this can help.

WE ARE TRAVELING TO 15 MORE STATES FOR QB/WR CAMPS! We are coming to San Francisco CA, Orlando FL, The DMV, Charlotte NC, New Orleans LA, Dallas TX, St. Louis MO, Honolulu HI, Boston MA, Cleveland OH, Austin TX, Seattle WA, Newark NJ, Denver CO, & Los Angeles CA…. If you want more info and want to know how you can sign up, checkout the link below!

Good Morning Coach ____,

My name is _____ and I am a (position) in the class of (20….). I am interested in attending one of your camps this off season- was wondering what dates you guys are hosting camps?

(You want to ask a question- more likely to respond, and camps are a big money maker for schools- more likely to get a response if you are offering to pay for a camp)

I am excited to visit the school because (give a fact about their university or program) (this shows it is not a spam message you have sent to 100+ coaches)

Below is a link to my highlight tape if you would like to take a look! I was (list all accolades from the past season, if you don’t have any dont list them). Hope to hear back from you soon, thank you for your time!


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